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Why Should You Survey Your Patients?

Patient surveys can be a critical tool for measuring patient satisfaction within your medical practice. By seeking insights about your practice directly from your patients, you gain the ability to make valuable changes to your practice that enhance overall patient satisfaction and educate your staff. As a direct result, your medical practice will gain the ability to positively influence your most important word of mouth champion within your community.

As you probably guessed, there are several factors to consider prior to creating and launching a truly effective patient survey. One of the most important is leaving your patients the option of anonymity. By giving your patients control of their identity disclosure, even your most timid patients will find their voice and share opinions about your practice’s true strengths and weaknesses.

As many practitioners are well aware, health insurers are already utilizing patient satisfaction scores to determine how much they will pay both hospitals and physicians. As of 2012, Medicare has already begun requiring that hospitals submit patient satisfaction surveys before they will reimburse for services, and they plan to extend this practice to outpatient treatment providers in the very near future.

Creating patient surveys and making them easily and readily available to your patients benefits everyone involved. Surveys provide you with a detailed record of information about what has worked and what hasn’t in helping your patient file and practice to grow. Carefully crafted surveys provide you with an opportunity to ensure a higher rate of patient satisfaction for the future and help to differentiate your practice from competitive peers in nearby communities. Take a well channeled initiative by aligning yourself with a knowledgeable marketing partner that can help make your surveys a success and show your patients how much you care!

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Patient Survey Results

Patient Satisfacation Survey Results