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One of the biggest concerns in marketing these days is social media marketing, and one of the biggest concerns with social media marketing is coming up with the time to do it. Make no mistake about it, using tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites can significantly elevate your brand status, improve communication with your patients, and even grow your patient file. But it is not a magic bullet. Social media marketing for small practices, as is the case with anything else worth doing, takes time, effort, and the trial knowledge of what works and what in the end can do more harm then good.

Our professional team has the knowledge and experience to set up the appropriate social networking outlets that can help promote your practice and ultimately retain and grow your patient file.  We also take the time and effort to train your staff about how to best leverage these tools to keep timely communication with patients at the forefront of their priorities. 

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Here are some examples of current Facebook and Twitter pages managed by Med-Marketers:


Social Media Strategy