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messaging for medical practices - branding

Whether your practice has been in operation for the last several decades and you're looking towards retirement, or are just ready to move on, you want to realize your maximum value from the sale. With the right marketing partner, you can set your practice above other competitive practices that may also be attracting the eyes of potential suitors.

There are many practices similar to yours for sale at any given time. To ensure yours rises above the rest, put yourself in the shoes of the prospective buyer and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How well is this practice branded and does it project the image of professionalism that exemplifies industry best practices?
  • What is the size of the existing patient file and how many new patients are joining on average per month? How about over the last 2 years?
  • What relationships exist within the surrounding community and what are the impressions of potential referring colleagues about this practice?
  • How well does this practice communicate with its existing patients?
  • How well is the office staff trained and do they have the abilities and skill sets needed to effectively communicate core values and execute programs based on unique marketing needs?

After answering these questions, any prospective buyer will ask themselves two final questions that will make all the difference as to whether or not an offer should be made for your practice:

Is the practice well set up for a smooth transition and is this practice really worth the money being asked?

As your trusted partner, Med-Marketers is ready to take the lead to support you in developing an exit strategy that maximizes your financial gain. Call us today!



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