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quarterly newsletters

Encourage patients to share special achievements and milestones and showcase their stories in quarterly newsletters.  This is a great way to provide patients with updates to patient referral programs, contests and office news.  Update patients with important information regarding training, new technology and important office policies. 

Newsletters have 3 main goals:

  1. To maintain relationships with existing patients - so they see you value them and provide them valuable information for their dental care / health care.
  2. To attract new patients and introduce them to your service, show them how you care about your existing patients and new patients coming on board.
  3. To upsell and cross sell to both your prospects and patients:
    • like thanking / recognizing those patients who gave referrals or who have been with your practice for so many years
    • quality advertisements on your newsletter that promote new products or services with solid calls to action.
    • use "forward to a friend" features available with most email marketing technology

Keep in mind that patient newsletters should have built-in reporting to understand how many patients read your e-newsletter, how long they stayed on your newsletter, what key links they clicked and if they passed it along through their social media networks. We can help you understand the analytics that measure these behaviors and together we can manage and adapt your strategies.

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“Wendy is a conscientious and creative designer. She makes the best use out of graphics, images and visual mood, tailoring them to the specific aesthetic needs of her client(s). She's always open to suggestions and has a terrific personality. A real pro and pleasant to work with.”

-Fontaine Dubus, Owner, The Dance Place


"We recently increased our marketing efforts and as a result, have already achieved a significant ROI in just a few months from our monthly email campaigns."
-Michele Sasmor, MD, Riversong Plastic Surgery

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