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When first starting a medical practice of any kind there are many things to consider with regards to properly establishing a compelling brand and understanding the behaviors of your local markets and or newly acquired patient file. Here are some questions that we at Med-Marketers have heard come up during our consultations:

  • What level of outreach and communication with our patient file is appropriate?
  • How do we market the strengths of our practice without compromising our professionalism?
  • What is the right blend of internal and external programs for a new practice and what should we do first?
  • How can we hire an effective partner with a limited budget?
  • What programs will yield the highest ROI and why can't we just focus on those?
These are all great questions and depending on several factors the answers can be different. In order to set a dynamic marketing strategy for our clients Med-Marketers first takes a consultative approach in understanding your needs and the environment that is unique to your practice. Call us today to set up a free face-to-face consultation and learn more about the steps we can take together to effectively launch your medical practice.



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