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Sadly, a lot of would-be patients still think many specialized practices are all pretty much the same. The "sameness" misconception is not the patient's fault. If you want a truly remarkable business, you must create a terrific product and then communicate your points of differentiation concisely and consistently. Marketers call this brand messaging, and it's vital to winning the marketing game and elevating your practice above the competition.

It turns out that many marketers are guilty of focusing solely on the communication aspect of branding, and forget entirely about the underlying product or service, which is more important. Even the slickest advertising won't save bad products and services. If you need proof, just think back to past Superbowl commercials of recent years and then ask yourself... Where are these companies now financially?

At Med-Marketers, we take a holistic view at brand messaging and work with you to define concise messaging that makes a strong impact with your target audience and entices them to take action!

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"Med-Marketers is Dynamite! Talk about being obscure in the digital world, to having a first-class ranking and visibility in a few short months! Med-Marketers has proven their worth, creating content, contests, updating our website, preparing and explaining the analytic reports of the social and web marketing they have instituted. Their ideas are fresh, exciting, and well received by our patients, and our staff!"
Dr. Andrew Chase
ARCH Orthodontics



"We recently increased our marketing efforts and as a result, have already achieved a significant ROI in just a few months from our monthly email campaigns."
-Michele Sasmor, MD, Riversong Plastic Surgery


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