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Med-Marketers serves as extended marketing arm enabling the professional execution of programs that deliver proven results for medical practice success. We know that consistent contact and effective communication with your patients and referring physicians are the keys to realizing practice growth. We offer integrated marketing programs including website design, SEO, social media, events, design services and much more.
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Website Design
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SEO. Inbound marketing. Content marketing. Whatever you call it, these are very simple terms for what has become a very complex job. The simple truth: the higher you are ranked on a search engine, the more people will find you. Effective SEO increases your ranking thus increasing your brand awareness and traffic. For practices looking to use part of their marketing budget online, SEM is a great opportunity to gain traffic to websites including social media.
Professionally designed medical websites create the crucial comfort factor. Your website should make your practice look established, trustworthy, and professional. A successful online presence will distinguish you from competition, capture patients’ attention, and ultimately increase your patient file. There's a lot that goes into creating a custom, visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate health care website - contact us today for more information about our custom website design and mobile site design.
How do you know if your efforts are a success? Far too many practice owners spend time and money on marketing without understanding the value they are receiving in return. The first step in gauging the success of your marketing campaigns is setting clear, measurable goals. Let us help you set a baseline to track your efforts and identify attainable goals based on your specific practice needs. Learn more about our integrated marketing programs and start tracking your efforts today!
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